is the winner of Optimizer Invest’s start-up competition

The founders of Pensionera

The founders of Pensionera

Swedish Pensionera launched its robot advisory service to provide personalized retirement planning advice in July 2016. Now the company has won the Optimizer Invest startup competition, and as a result, the company is taking in €1.4 million. The company was valued at €10 million.

Pensionera will use the funds to further its growth in Sweden before launching in its next market.

“What we love about optimizer invest is that they are supersmart young digital entrepreneurs. They have built strong companies themselves and know how to go global. They have some interesting companies within their portfolio that we will partner up with. One part of the investment is directly from Erik Bergman, founder of Catena Media and one of best in the world on how to maximize SEO. With him onboard no-one will beat us on search engines.” says Kristian Jacobsson.

Optimizer Invest has also invested in Catena Media, Tinitell and Readly.